What sets us apart

We always work from your company's perspective. Our business practices were developed after many years of corporate HR leadership and talent acquisition. We will adapt to the processes you already have in place, or help you develop processes that work best for your company. It's our goal to offer services that complement your own processes and make hiring, retention and employee development simpler and more successful for you.


Our pricing model is flexible, allowing you to choose the structure that best suits your needs. The model that works for an initial timeframe may not be what works best a few months from now.


While we're well-networked, we don't keep a virtual "Rolodex" of candidates we're seeking to place wherever we can. We won't try to fit our oval candidates into your round position. We initiate a targeted search for each position, but at rates that are far more favorable than typical retained-search fees.


  • We can integrate with your applicant tracking system, or use our own. When using your ATS, your candidates remain your candidates. You retain access to everyone who applies for your position(s). 
  • Each search is a targeted, exclusive search. We won't accept competing openings and won't submit the same applicants to two different clients. Executive search firms charge a premium for this level of service; it's our standard way of doing business.
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