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Good Boss Guide    Manager Coaching

When you got your first management job, were you trained on all the tasks a manager is expected to do to lead their team?


There is an abundance of "leadership training" courses that new (or experienced) managers are often sent to, but they don't usually give a foundation for the nuts and bolts, day-to-day aspects of being "the boss."


Good Boss Guide™ Manager Coaching fills that gap to help you 

 Boss Like a Leader™.


Leadership development is important for your career growth,

but manager training is critical for your performance as a leader.


Some of the aspects we cover:

  • Essential Traits of a Good Boss
  • Be Your Employee's Best Resource
  • Secrets to Hiring the Best Staff (and Retaining Them)
  • How to Guide Your Team to Their Greatest Success
  • Performance Management that Performs™
  • Difficult Conversations and Conflict Resolution
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