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Organizational Ombuds

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Hampton Resources is pleased to offer our Employee Support Ombuds Service (E-SOS). Ombuds services are a neutral, objective resource for employees to discuss issues of concern to them in the workplace. Ombuds aren’t a replacement for, or end-around internal human resources staff or other institutional resources, but a partner in addressing employee concerns and empowering them to seek appropriate resolution and resources.


Ombuds services are best viewed as an employee benefit in much the same way as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), but with a focus on workplace matters rather than personal matters. The Ombuds service differs from the Employee Relations aspect of Human Resources precisely because of the Ombuds ability and mandate to be confidential, impartial, independent and informal.


The Employee Support Ombuds Service is:


Independent--the Ombuds doesn't represent the organization, but seeks to present solutions and guidance independent of external forces.


Impartial--The Ombuds doesn't take sides, but works to address issues in a way that allows everyone involved in a situation to be treated fairly and in good faith.


Confidential--The Ombuds will protect the identity of the visitor and the information they share and cannot be compelled to share details of any conversation.


Informal--Talking with an Ombuds is always "off the record" and doesn't trigger formal action or investigations.


Organizational ombuds provide a wide range of services to employees. We are available to discuss any concerns, complaints, or questions that employees may have. These issues may relate to workplace policies, procedures, or practices, and can include matters such as harassment, discrimination, or conflict with coworkers. The ombuds provides guidance on how to navigate such situations and identifies potential options for resolution.


Our team is experienced doing culture assessments, organization-wide surveys and analysis, interviewing executives and other stakeholders to determine organizational priorities. We have a solid track record of creating and fulfilling detailed strategies and plans for providing and promoting organizational ombuds services.


Some feedback on our ombuds services:

"I appreciated getting to talk to Mary and test my perspectives and talk through ideas for what to do next."


"I am so thrilled that (our organization) has ombuds in the mix now. I cannot recommend it enough to my coworkers!"


Additional services we offer as part of our Employee Support Ombuds Service:

  • Mediation
  • Manager Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Culture Assessments and Surveys

For more information about our ombuds services, please reach out to us at:


Our Ombuds Team

Mary Hampton


Mary Hampton has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Development from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO). In her more than 20 years of HR leadership and consulting, she has worked with high tech businesses and large and small nonprofit organizations. Mary has established Ombuds services in government and nonprofit settings and is a member of the International Ombuds Association (IOA).

Dean Hampton


Dean Hampton is a certified mediator, conflict resolution trainer, non-profit executive and pastor. Dean holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Cal Poly SLO, and a Masters of Divinity degree from Western Seminary. He has been leading people and organizations since 1997, always with a focus on creating a healthy culture. Dean is especially skilled in navigating sensitive workplace dynamics and diffusing contentious relationships.

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